About Kai

Growing up with an artistic mother, I seemed to be always making things.  So upon entering college I became a ceramics major - fun, joy, loved it!  But around my junior year I panicked thinking that I had to major in something that would translate into a "real" career.  I graduated from LSU with a BA in Political Science and the funny thing is that 15 years later, here I am working as a full-time ceramic artist!  I can’t believe my luck - making my living doing something I love! 
Two themes permeate my work:  Architecture - I can spend days walking down the same streets, noticing new details on buildings and I love being able to express that in my artwork;  and Animals - I love all creatures and enjoy interpreting them in clay often with a whimsical view!  Working in clay makes all things possible and I am only limited by own creativity.
Member, Louisiana Crafts Guild.

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